United States Grand Prix 2022 | Max Verstappen will attempt to win his 13th Formula One Race of the Season

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United States Grand Prix 2022

At the 2022 United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen will attempt to win his 13th Formula One race of the season. For the U.S. Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is not expected to have much opposition, according to oddsmakers.

United States Grand Prix

With odds of -200, the defending Formula One world champion will take the checkered flag first on Sunday in Austin at Circuit of the Americas (3 p.m. ET, ABC). Charles Leclerc, who drives for Ferrari on United States Grand Prix, is the second favorite to win but is priced much farther down at +500. The only two drivers with better than +1400 odds to win are Sergio Perez (+700) and Lewis Hamilton (+800).

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In light of this, it’s not hard to see why Verstappen is set to start as the heavy favorite in the upcoming second race of the season in the United States. On circuits with lengthy straightaways like COTA at the United States Grand Prix, the Red Bull car has proven unbeatable. After starting 14th, Verstappen made quick work of the race and won handily at Monza.

Even though Verstappen already has the championship to his name, there is no reason to believe that COTA will be any different. On October 9th, under strange, rainy conditions at Suzuka, he sealed the title. With the race shortened due to rain and Leclerc going out in the last two circuits defending a move from Perez, Verstappen comfortably won from the pole position but had to wait to find out whether he was the champion.

United States Grand Prix

The FIA confirmed that the race was for maximum points and that Leclerc had been disqualified for going off course, therefore crowning Verstappen the winner at the United States Grand Prix.

If Verstappen were to win, it would be his 13th of the season, putting him 10 points clear of both Perez and Leclerc. As Hamilton and George Russell of Mercedes look to go winless, Carlos Sainz is the only other driver to win a race so far this season.

To get you ready for Sunday’s race, we’ve compiled a list of our top OKBET picks at United States Grand Prix.

Expect Max Verstappen to take the pole position (-120)

As a result of COTA’s lengthy back straightaway, we don’t think Ferrari has a good shot of qualifying first. If you insist to betting at the United States Grand Prix, you may as well take these odds instead of the lesser ones on Verstappen winning the race.

Betting on Sergio Perez to place in the top three (+100)

Although he hasn’t exhibited quite the same command of the Red Bull machine as Verstappen, Perez should have a sizable edge over the Mercedes vehicles. That lowers the bar for him to finish in the top three to perhaps just beating one of the Ferraris.

The fastest lap of the race will be recorded by Verstappen (+125).

The only possible downside is if he gets too far ahead of the rest of the pack and has to let someone else to make an unscheduled late pit stop to try to catch up and take the extra point.

Top 10 for Valtteri Bottas (+160)

It’s a gamble, but we think the chances are in our favor, especially given the improvements Alfa Romeo made for COTA at United States Grand Prix. The crew is upgrading the vehicle with additional features, such as a modified front wing. Bet +600 on Verstappen to win by 10 seconds and set the best lap, with Red Bull having the quickest pit stop.

I don’t see why not. Have some fun in the wild. Perhaps Ferrari and Leclerc can match Verstappen’s speed, but we have our doubts.