Speedway Exstream Media Implements LiveU’s LU300 Streaming Upgrade Solution

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Speedway ExStream Media

Speedway ExStream Media

Speedway ExStream Media Implements LiveU’s LU300S Streaming Upgrade Solution. The deployment provided increased streaming quality to British speedway fans. Fans of the racing U.K. track are now benefitting from ExStream Media’s choice to dramatically increase the quality and dependability of its streaming output by installing LiveU’s LU300S field units, according to LiveU.

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Speedway ExStream Media co-owners Martin Hunter and Ben Duffill, based in Middlesbrough, UK, started investigating the potential of live broadcasting speedway events from throughout the UK. Eurosport and Discovery+ have already provided excellent coverage of British Speedway’s premier division (of three). While the broadcaster holds rights to the lower tier leagues, Hunter noted that they intended to give more coverage of the leagues in order to please viewers.

Speedway ExStream Media devised a technological solution employing numerous cameras on-site fed into a vision mixer and then transmitted live over a CDN after the broadcaster accepted the notion of them collaborating with the clubs to extend live streaming.

“We anticipated there would be connection challenges,” he said, “but given the risk we were taking, we wanted to reduce equipment expenditures to a minimal.” “Although we were utilizing another IP solution, it was of poor quality, and on several instances, picture quality plummeted to an unacceptable level, particularly considering that we are a subscription business.” Then, one evening, while covering an event, our whole system failed totally.”

Hunter contacted LiveU to resolve the issue, and LiveU reacted immediately, with ExStream receiving a unit three days after contact and in time for the next event.

“The Speedway ExStream Media LU300S delivers precisely what it says,” Hunter stated. “To put it bluntly, we needed to salvage our firm, and this technology was critical.” When we show there, wherever that may be, we just switch it on, put up the rest of our gear, and go. We no longer have to be concerned about connection, which has fundamentally transformed our perspective. It has given us more time to focus on developing better content to keep our subscribers pleased. The LU300S delivers just what we need.”

Speedway ExStream Media

The LU300S Speedway ExStream Media , which weighs little more than 900 g (2 pounds), provides robust bonding in a tiny and lightweight portable machine, enabling up to 30 Mbps across up to six IP connections based on LiveU’s unique HEVC bonding technology. The LU300S sends the mixed feed to a LiveU cloud server, which then routes it to a CDN.

“We come across a lot of individuals in similar circumstances like Speedway ExStream Media where initially cutting costs becomes a false economy,” noted Malcom Harland, U.K. national manager with LiveU. “The final product needs to operate, and perform well, else subscribers churn and both revenues and reputation suffer.” The LU300S is suitable for these types of streaming activities since it is powerful, small, and packs a tremendous punch in terms of picture quality and signal robustness. We’re delighted that ExStream profited from it and that we were able to offer them so swiftly.”