New Track Tennessee on F1 Racing complex seeks to lure visitors from across the world 2022

OKBET New Tennessee track

New Track Tennessee

OKBET New Track Tennessee

New Track Tennessee Cumberland County is renowned for its beautiful golf courses, but a new development is causing quite a stir. While the courses and vistas will remain, construction on a cutting-edge motorsports complex is underway.

“We’re working on the track right now,” Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ethan Hadley said. “It’s going to be incredible.” As a community, we hope to be nothing less than Tennessee’s racing capital, with one of the country’s most top racing tracks.”


Flatrock Motorsports Park and Motorclub will feature almost everything for racing lovers, giving Bristol and Nashville some competition. The course will be located right off I-40 at the Westel exit.

OKBET New Track Tennessee

“A six-mile track with several permutations.” It will have a licensed Kart Track where young drivers may learn how to drive professionally on New Track Tennessee. It will have high-end accommodation. It will include a vineyard and a brewery. It will feature an amphitheater to allow considerably bigger performances than Cumberland County has been able to host so far,” Hadley added.

It will include 800 acres and include a 3.5-mile private Member’s Club circuit as well as a 2.67-mile Grand Prix course on New Track Tennessee. It’s a legacy project for Rusty Bittle, the creator and founding partner of Flatrock Motorsports Park.

“I organize events on weekends, and I watch people drive hundreds of miles dragging trailers to go to a track, and our location is very convenient.” Every weekend, people pass past this spot on their way north to a race or south to a track on New Track Tennessee, thus I believe this position is more central than any other track in the country. “I believe we will have visitors from all around the United States, as well as from other countries,” he said.

The park will take many years to construct. The project started ground this week, and the park will be completed in stages. It is intended that Phase 1 will be completed and the Kart Track, as well as elements of the Motorclub campus, will be operational by spring 2023.

“We have some fantastic things that draw folks here,” Tennessee Department of Tourism Commissioner Mark Ezell said. “With the inclusion of Flatrock Motorsports, nothing will be better.” It will bring a unique collection of people to Tennessee for the first time.”

“We’re basically a community on the go,” Hadley said, “and we’re really eager to buckle on and start rolling with even bigger development.” He also said that the public could be able to observe electric vehicle racing at the new motorsports facility that is gaining popularity in Tennessee.

Flatrock Motorsports Park is estimated to earn between $95 and $100 million in revenue in its first five years of operation.