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MotoGP Future Academy

MotoGP Future Academy

Valentino Rossi’s VR46 MotoGP Future Academy will no longer accept new, youthful riders and would instead prioritize its veteran racers. Francesco Bagnaia won the academy’s first MotoGP champion, and the first Italian to do it since Rossi in 2009. That triumph, it has been revealed, will be the impetus for reforms at MotoGP Future Academy VR46 geared to enable its other premier class riders build on Bagnaia’s success.

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“It’s not easy because things have gone a little out of hand, in a positive manner,” Alessio Salucci, sports director, remarked. “In only a few years to MotoGP Future Academy, these men have expanded enormously. “It becomes more challenging when you bring in fresh and young riders, who must train alongside others who have been here for a long time.”

“It isn’t easy because everyone’s age is different at the MotoGP Future Academy, and everything is different in general. “At the time, it would be unwise to recruit young drivers who would imbalance the group somewhat.” “However, we really want to continue the project and are figuring out how to organize and arrange it.””

VR46 began as a training facility for promising riders before they went on to become champions. “The guys became large and robust,” Salucci said. “That makes me extremely pleased.” Along from Bagnaia, top-level academy alumni include Yamaha rider Franco Morbidelli and Mooney VR46 pair Luca Marini and Marco Bezzecchi.

MotoGP Future Academy

VR46 has terminated its Moto3 team in order to concentrate on the new MotoGP project for 2021. Fantic will take over the VR46 Moto2 squad next season, and the academy will no longer work with three Italian stars. Alberto Surra, Niccolo Antonelli, and Stefano Manzi will no longer be part of VR46 on a full-time basis.

“However, they will stay Academy friends.” “Salucci elaborated. “We’re putting up a package for them because we don’t like simply saying ‘hi.’ “We like them because we have a common interest.” They will most likely continue to train with us, but we will only provide 60% of their care.”

“I suffered in the absence of Valentino Rossi.” The MotoGP Future Academy great resigned a year ago after winning seven premier class championships. “Until mid-season, I suffered from Vale’s absence,” his long-time friend Salucci admitted, “but in the end, Pecco and our team were amazing.”

“I would have signed with my blood a year ago to conclude this championship like this.” “But Pecco’s great merit is that he came to Pesaro, alone, when he was not yet 18 years old, to pursue his dream.”

VR46 pair rejects factory bike.

MotoGP Future Academy

Marini and Bezzecchi of Mooney MotoGP Future Academy will not have factory motorcycles in 2023, the team has decided. “We have two GP22s for the 2023 MotoGP Future Academy season; we decided not to have the factory bike like Marini did this year,” Salucci explained. “To continue the work that has been done this year, but also to have two identical bikes in the garage, so that the team can work better and make the most of each other’s data.”

“Ducati made improvements after Pecco Bagnaia’s GP22 problems earlier this year, so his world title bike isn’t the one Marini used in 2022.”