Michigan International Speedway | Wonderful Nite Lites returns 2022!

OKBET Nite Lites Christmas Light

Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway. The Brooklyn Organization Nite Lites is preparing for one of the state’s biggest light displays at the Michigan International Speedway, which has been transformed into a Christmas paradise.

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“It’s fair to assume there are over a million lights in the display,” said John Spink, proprietor of Nite Lites Michigan International Speedway. There are a lot of lights to check. It’s something Spink has done every year for more than two decades. “It’s a passion for me, and it’s also a passion for the crew because it’s really chilly out here some days, and if you didn’t have the passion, you definitely wouldn’t be here,” Spink said.

The crew claims that they design and assemble the exhibits all year, sometimes by hand. “I haven’t slowed down since last year.” Michigan International Speedway you immediately shift into next year’s mindset when we finish. “You start designing what we’re going to create,” Nite Lites Engineer Tom Bachman said. All so that visitors may enjoy the scenery on a six-mile drive through the raceway. According to Nite Lites, there are more than 20 new displays this year, including one depicting Noah’s Ark.

Michigan International Speedway

“We’re creating life-size rhinos and elephants,” Bachman said.

Guests will also be able to ride in an entirely different method this year at the Michigan International Speedway. It’s known as the Nite Lites express. “That allows you to avoid driving your automobile through the show and instead ride the Nite Lites train through the lights.”

While many of the displays are new, Spink believes the purpose remains the same.

“As we say, we aim to get you in the Christmas mood at the Michigan International Speedway.” If you wish to drive slowly, stick to the right and let the folks in front of you pass, but enjoy your time here.” This Thursday night is the first opportunity to observe the lights. The team has created a completely new website with dates and timings.