Martin Brundle feels Max Verstappen has a “new set of unstoppable restrictions” while competing against Lewis Hamilton 2022

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Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle feels Max Verstappen has a “new set of restrictions” while competing against Lewis Hamilton. Formula One commentator Martin Brundle argues that when Max Verstappen competes against Lewis Hamilton, he pushes himself to a “new set of limitations.”

Martin Brundle

On Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, two-time world champion Max Verstappen collided with Hamilton, his main challenger for the 2021 World Championship, immediately after a safety car period. A number of heated battles broke out between the two drivers last year, most notably at Imola, Silverstone, and Monza, as they battled thrillingly for the world championship, which Verstappen ultimately won in dramatic and controversial manner on the penultimate lap of the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

Martin Brundle, a former Formula One driver and Sky F1 commentator, claims the data shows the Dutchman battles with Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, differently than anybody else on the field.

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Martin Brundle remarked in his Sky Sports blog, “I have no doubt that Max has a different set of limitations while in battle with Lewis,” adding that Lewis has opted to do the same.

Consequently, they would eventually strike [in Brazil], but they persisted. I think Max could have taken even more kerb or even pulled off the accelerator, but that’s not racing, and the stewards felt Lewis might have offered “a little more room.”

The stewards gave Max a five-second time penalty and had him pit for a new nose after concluding that he was mostly to blame for the incident. A racing accident, I thought at the time. Lewis’s vehicle looked a little run down, but he checked to make sure all the quick parts were there and took off in spectacular recovery mode.

Hamilton came back to finish second, giving Mercedes a one-two finish behind winner George Russell, while Verstappen came in sixth.

Martin Brundle

However, in the closing stages of the race, Verstappen disregarded team instructions and refused to allow Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, who was fighting for second place in the World Championship, pass him on Martin Brundle.

“This is not a popularity contest, it’s the ruthless world of F1, but you still need friends and respect,” Martin Brundle said in response to Verstappen’s statement.

It would have cost Max nothing to give Sergio a mediocre sixth place while the title was already in his hands. That’s Max’s second boomerang in as many races to come back and whack him quite severely.