Formula One Tips, Odds, and start time for the 2022 United States Grand Prix of F1, as well as shocking forecasts from top-tier F1 Handicappers


Formula One tips

Formula One tips, odds, and start time for the 2022 United States Grand Prix of Formula One, as well as shocking forecasts from top-tier F1 handicappers. Using data from the Formula One tips Aramco US GP 2022, SportsLine’s model predicts the finish order for Max Verstappen and the rest of the field at Circuit of the Americas.

Formula One tips

With Max Verstappen having claimed the Formula One tips World Title two weeks before in Japan, the 2022 United States Grand Prix will be the 19th race of the Formula 1 season, and the emphasis of the battle will turn to who will finish as the runner-up for the drivers’ championship. Heading into Sunday’s race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, Sergio Perez has a one-point advantage over Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for second. Beginning at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, the United States GP will continue to be held at the 3.426-mile, 20-turn circuit that it has been using since 2012.

According to OKBET Sportsbook’s 2022 United States Grand Prix odds, Verstappen is the clear favorite to win the race after racking up 12 victories so far this season. This week’s Formula 1 odds have Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes at 7-1, with Leclerc at 15-2 and Perez at 8-1. Hamilton has won the US GP six times, including five times at COTA. Check out SportsLine’s proven projection model’s latest 2022 United States GP predictions and betting recommendations before evaluating the starting grid for the 2022 United States Grand Prix and making any Formula One tips choices.

Formula One tip’s unique prediction model, created by daily Fantasy pro and SportsLine predictive analytics engineer Mike McClure, runs every race 10,000 times, including variables like circuit history and recent performance. It has a proven track record of accuracy in motorsports, having accurately predicted seven winners across several racing forms in the upcoming 2021 NASCAR season.

Since 2021, the model has a 100% success rate in predicting Formula 1 race weekends. Both of Leclerc’s 2022 victories were predicted by the model, while in 2021, the model had Verstappen as its top option for the Mexican Grand Prix at the Formula One tips. As a consequence, Verstappen was able to easily outpace the competition and claim an unexpected win on Formula One tips. The model then correctly predicted Verstappen’s victory in the Rolex Emilia Romagna GP in April and correctly predicted his subsequent victories in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Japan. Any investor who followed the model’s recommendations on such bets would have made massive profits.

The best forecasts for the 2022 United States Grand Prix of Formula One

However, there is one major surprise: the model is giving up on Sergio Perez, who is now the fourth favorite to win the 2022 United States Grand Prix at 8-1 Formula One tips odds. Perez won his first Formula One grand prix in Monaco earlier this season, and he won again earlier this month in Singapore, ending a winless streak of more than 200 races.

Formula One tips

As a result, Perez is now in second place, ahead of Leclerc, despite his lack of performance at Circuit of the Americas at the Formula One tips. In nine US Grand Prix starts, Perez has never finished higher than ninth and has never even been on the podium. Because of this, the model predicts that Perez will once again finish in fourth place on Sunday. Check out the model’s predicted winner here.

Formula One Predictions for the 2022 U.S. Grand Prix

As an added bonus, the model is focusing on one double-digit longshot to make a dramatic climb to the top at the Formula One tips. If you endorse him, you may win big. Visit SportsLine to learn his identity and get the model’s full set of F1 predictions and choices.

Formula One tips

In that case, who do you have as the champion in the 2022 Formula One United States Grand Prix? The question is, which sneaky drivers make a break for it at the Formula One tips? View the current 2022 Formula One betting odds down below, and then go over to SportsLine to view the whole predicted 2022 United States Grand Prix leaderboard, all based on a model with a track record of success in auto racing.