F1 Live | Lewis Hamilton will face tough competition in Abu Dhabi as he seeks todefend his world record in Formula One 2022

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F1 Live

F1 Live, Lewis Hamilton will face tough competition in Abu Dhabi as he seeks to defend his world record in Formula One. Toto Wolff claims that this weekend in Abu Dhabi, the focus will not be on Lewis Hamilton’s record of 15 consecutive Formula One victories. Aside from his inaugural year in 2007, Hamilton has won at least one race every season he has raced in F1 Live, but he has yet to finish on top of the podium in 2022, despite having won seven world championships.

F1 Live

The last race of the season is this weekend in Abu Dhabi, the same place where Hamilton was denied a record-breaking eighth championship in spectacular and contentious way a year ago. Should he win in Yas Marina, he will join Michael Schumacher (1992-2006) as the only drivers to win in each of the last 21 seasons at F1 Live. Mercedes team director Toto Wolff emphasized that Hamilton would not be given special treatment because of his record, and Hamilton himself has said that he does not give much thought to his streak.

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It’s not what Lewis would want, and I don’t believe he needs, any kind of priority, either,” Wolff said. Lewis Hamilton said that Max Verstappen is a crash magnet because the Dutch driver is jealous of Hamilton’s record-breaking career at the F1 Live. On the seventh lap of Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, rivals Hamilton and Verstappen collided. Last year, these two were embroiled in a bitter title struggle.

As a result of F1 Live, Hamilton finished in second place, behind teammate George Russell, who drove well to win the Grand Prix for the first time in his career. After stopping for maintenance, Verstappen ultimately placed sixth.

The road to Verstappen’s second championship has been mostly free of mishaps. And with Hamilton back in contention after Mercedes’ comeback in Sao Paulo, Verstappen re-opened old wounds with his adversary by crashing into the seven-time world champion’s Mercedes. The stewards penalized Verstappen because they deemed that he was “predominantly at fault” for the collision.

It is inevitable when you have the success and the numbers on your breast, that you become a bit of a target,” Hamilton, 37, who has won more races than any driver in the sport’s history, said in response to a question about whether he felt singled out by the Red Bull driver.

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However the F1 Live and Lewis said, “that’s OK with me.” I have dealt with much worse in my life.