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F1 Betting, Lewis Hamilton still has a shot at continuing his winning run. The seven-time Formula One world champion has won a race in each of his past 15 F1 seasons. On Sunday at 8 a.m. ET (ESPN2), he will compete in the season-ending event in Abu Dhabi, which he has yet to win in 2022. The majority of the season has gone by without him coming even close to a win.

F1 Betting

The (relative) hardships Mercedes has endured are by now common knowledge. But in Brazil just days ago at the F1 Betting, the team demonstrated some genuine pace as George Russell won by a comfortable margin and Lewis Hamilton finished second despite getting into a collision with Max Verstappen.

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Mercedes was the dominating team in Brazil because its superior cornering speed at Interlagos compensated for its lackluster straight-line performance. Although Mercedes will most certainly have the quickest cars through the technical areas of the Abu Dhabi course, Hamilton’s prospects of winning may be hindered by the track’s two lengthy straightaways at the F1 Betting.

Hamilton and Russell might potentially win again if Mercedes is able to make up for their cars’ lower top-end speed. And it is reflected in the betting odds. Although Verstappen is the betting favorite at +125, Hamilton is not far behind at +250, and Russell is even farther back at +350.

There isn’t anybody else around here. Among the three drivers, Sergio Perez has the best odds of winning at +800, followed by Charles Leclerc at +1000 and Carlos Sainz at +1400.

While Hamilton’s victory streak and Verstappen’s pursuit of 15 victories are the most compelling topics heading into the race, the duel for second place in the standings between Perez and Leclerc is also immensely exciting at the F1 Betting. Both racecar drivers have 290 points and share the same finishing position on average (5.5).

F1 Betting

If Verstappen had swapped positions with Perez on the last lap as instructed by Red Bull, Perez would have finished ahead of Leclerc at the F1 Betting. Instead, Verstappen spent the whole lap in hot pursuit of Fernando Alonso, during which time he maintained his place.

In the event that Perez needs assistance in Abu Dhabi, would Verstappen be prepared to provide a hand? If he has the means, he really ought to. To help Red Bull secure a 1-2 finish in the driver standings, Verstappen has nothing to lose.

Here are our predictions for the season finale in 2022. OKBET.com provides all of the odds.

Lewis Hamilton will place third (-160)

There is reason to expect Mercedes’ current dominance over Ferrari to continue.

As a result, Sergio Perez will win the race and beat Charles Leclerc (-140)

We anticipate a Red Bull 1-2 in the final points tally.

It’s predicted that Sebastian Vettel will win the race, beating off Valtteri Bottas (-110)

Since the beginning of the season, Alfa Romeo has lacked the speed it formerly had.

A top-10 finish for Sebastian Vettel (-105)

In what will likely be his last Formula One race, Vettel should finish with a points-scoring finish.

In this race, Lewis Hamilton is a +250 favorite to take first place.

Putting money on this is probably foolish. A continuation of Hamilton’s winning streak at the same track where he was stripped of his ninth championship due to a protocol violation on the part of the race director would be quite an achievement.