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F1 Betting Odds

F1 Betting odds/Formula One Race in Abu Dhabi: Odds, Betting Advice, and Forecasts. After Mercedes’s first win of the year in Brazil, our Abu Dhabi Grand Prix predictions for 2022 see Lewis Hamilton finally ending his winless streak at the F1 Betting.The seven-time world champion finished behind teammate George Russell in Sao Paulo, but he has a chance to redeem himself in this match.

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At 5/2, Hamilton is an appealing bet for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix given his five previous victories on the same circuit. After a collision with Max Verstappen, which resulted in a penalty for the latter of F1 Betting odds, the 37-year-old dropped from second to ninth at Interlagos. Hamilton had hoped to win thanks to some brilliant racing and a late safety car, but he finished the race 1.5 seconds behind Russell.

F1 Betting odds

To George, I offer my heartfelt congratulations,” Hamilton said. Wow, that’s a fantastic achievement. He justly deserves it. That’s why I’m so pleased with my squad. What a fantastic outcome at the F1 Betting. We put forth a lot of effort to obtain a victory this season, so this is very, tremendously deserved.

Russell said, “He put me under such much strain.” while discussing Hamilton’s “super-fast” performance in the final laps for the F1 Betting Odds. As a consequence, Hamilton is now 23 points behind Russell in the rankings and is certain to finish second behind Russell. However, it would be a consolation if Hamilton were to maintain his remarkable streak of winning every season.

While oddsmakers are giving 7/2 to Russell for a fast double after his first victory, we’d rather see Hamilton win for the 104th time at the F1 Betting Odds. After winning his first world championship here a year ago, although under questionable circumstances, Verstappen is sure to have happy memories of this track. After an unprecedented 14 wins in 2022, he now heads to Yas Marina with the title already in hand.

After a collision with Hamilton during their battle for second position on the seventh lap and a subsequent safety car re-start, he finished sixth in Brazil for the F1 Betting Odds. While defending his conduct, the Red Bull ace was penalized five seconds for the incident. As for the penalty, Verstappen said, “I was not angry by it, but if you ask me would I do it again? Absolutely.

I took the outside line into turn one, and as soon as I got close to him I could see he wasn’t going to give me any room. “Okay, if you’re not going to give me any room, then we’ll simply collide,” I thought to myself. I really believed that after last year we could put this behind us and go to racing for the F1 Betting Odds. With a driver, though, you can see right away whether he intends to give you room or not, and in this case, he had absolutely no intention of doing so.

F1 Betting odds

Many experts will continue to back Verstappen in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix betting at the 5/4 odds, while Sergio Perez’s F1 Betting odds sit at 8/1. Ferrari’s performance has dwindled down the stretch of the season, but their third and fourth place finishes in Brazil were still respectable. At Yas Marina, Charles Leclerc is the favorite to win at 10/1, with Carlos Sainz at 14/1.

Past winners of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

A Red Bull, a Mercedes, and a Sainz in 2021: Verstappen, Hamilton, and Sainz (Ferrari)
In 2020, we expect to see Verstappen (Red Bull), Bottas (Mercedes), and Hamilton (McLaren) at the top (Mercedes)
2019 For Mercedes, we have Hamilton; for Red Bull, we have Max Verstappen; and for Ferrari, we have Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
In 2018, Hamilton (Mercedes), Vettel (Ferrari), and Verstappen (Red Bull)
2017 Vettel (Ferrari), Hamilton (Mercedes), and Bottas (Mercedes) (Ferrari)
Hamilton (Mercedes), Rosberg (Mercedes), and Vettel (Ferrari) in 2016 (Ferrari)